Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tangerine Dreams and Candied Orange Peel - #6 of 365

Candied Orange Peel (or any citrus peel) is something my Mum made every Christmas. However, she made us all crazy with her preparations as she did too much. I haven't ever made this before, but I have been missing it, so I decided that I would since we had the oranges to hand.

Simple syrup and orange peel, boil, boil, boil. Easy peasy and yummy too. I shall dip these in dark chocolate after they have set.

I am wearing this scarvelette which is loosely based on Ysolda Teague's Damson. I have chosen to call this scarvelette, Tangerine Dreams for obvious reasons.


audrey said...

The candied orange peel looks SO good and once it is covered in chocolate.. YUM!!
I'm becoming a follower ~ what better way to get to know a long lost relative?? (or at least someone with the same last name). lol!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Dad used to make the candied orange peel and dip them in dark chocolate. I love the taste but have problems with the oil and my tummy. Of course, I ate it anyway! LOL!
The scarf turned out lovely---fab yarn!!!


Leslie said...

@Anne - it's Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, dyed by Indy Dyer. I love CTH sock yarn in any colour way and this dying was to dye for, LOL

@Audrey - Lovely to see you here, Miz Gallagher...