Saturday, January 23, 2010

#23 of 365 - Sock Loving Girl

I am one of those persons that have never had a nickname that ever really stuck. Granted, people call me names all the time, but most are not repeatable, LOL. About the closest I have ever come to having a nickname is being know for my "kewl sox" and it stretching out to be what to call me if you couldn't remember my name right off the bat as in "You know, the one with the cool socks". I have been famous (or is that infamous) since middle school for the interesting socks that I have owned and worn over the years. Even after 29 years, the first person from my high school that saw me at the all class reunion, lifted my pant leg to check my socks and stated, yet again, "Cool Socks". As my daughter's father stated a few years ago about me, "Some things never change". So this is "Kewl Sox" signing off for the day...


Jan said...

They are. Cool.

Margi said...

That is an awesome nickname for you Leslie! You do have some of the kewlest socks ever!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Sock Grrrrrrrlll,

I love those socks! Just an update; the scarf from hell is close to being finished, maybe 20 more very slow rows???
It is as long as I am tall and weighs a ton. I cannot imagine wearing it.
So the point of this...socks are so much more practical, and impressive too!!
And the normal question; where did the pattern come from?


P.S. If Blogger gets these verification words any longer, it will take an hour to comment. Don't they know I'm old and blind???
*nusifymi* what the H***????

Corvus said...

I get my cool socks fix either a) from knitting... at least theoretically, as I've yet to do socks and b) from

I dream of making a pilgrimage to their brick-and-mortar some day.

Leslie said...

@Anne, On Ravelry of course.
@Tala, Love Sock Dreams too.

Sheila said...

Once I started knitting socks, I was hooked for life. :)

Diana Troldahl said...

Kewl Sox is a great name!
I was Dusty for years.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I totally want those socks!!!!

My nickname is high school was Mokie.

I have no idea why. But it stuck for four years and a few years after high school.

The only way I lost it was to get all new friends.