Saturday, January 30, 2010

# 30 of 365 - Again with the Schmear

Today we are off to the Lamb Shoppe in Denver to meet up with our knitting, crocheting and spinning girls. Pictured are Sheila and Sue, who we will meet up with at the Shoppe. We will also introduce my Seven Nations friend, Tracey to the joys of knitting. Even Erin is coming today! First, though we are stopping at Einstein Bros. for another free bagel on the way out of town.

After knitting Erin and I shall be attending the Clan Blair Society of Colorado 2nd Annual Burns' Supper at Chez Blair in Littleton. Erin and I are joining the rest of the group along with Katte and Curtis and their 3 littleuns, it will be quite the moil as Jim and Adoree, our hosts have 3 kids in town with all their attendant littles...

Torin Blair will again give the Address to A Haggis, that master of the pudding race. I am bringing the Colcannon, which is a traditional Scots and Irish side dish. Erynn Blair Shyrack has usurped my master position of shortbread maker and is bringing the shortbread.

I would wish I was wearing these stockings as, again, baby it's cold outside... However they are no longer in my drawer as a friend of mine fell in love with them and bought them from me.


Sheila E. said...

I look forward to seeing my COS friends! Sue won't be joining us this afternoon as she is out of town.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

If I lived close to you, I would STEAL those socks!!! I love them! BUNCHES.
Ah, to have a nice LYS.....of course, I would be more broke than I am now, so MAYBE, I should just sit and be happy.