Sunday, January 17, 2010

#17 of 365 - Mountains above Bailey, CO and Skully Hats

Here's a photo of me on the deck of the Evans Family home where we had the Ren Scots AGM and Fortnight Party last night. A million dollar view doesn't even begin to describe it!

Here's Celton and Meggie Judd in their new Skull Caps and I am wearing Jenna's Hot Pink one, all of them knitted by my dear friend, Rebecca. Thanks, my dear! Our dear Meggie is also playing at being the Pretty Princess with her tiara on as well.


Laume said...

Gorgeous view, beautiful people, cute caps, awesome tiara!

DancesWithPitBulls said...

I love Bailey. Cheryl's brother lives up there. The hats look great but I don't have any dark green for the next one. Dig in your stash will ya? I need a 20" zipper too. LOL I don't ask for much do I?

Nicola said...

Lovely view. Fabulous aran sweater. Lovely knitting and fabulous tiara.

Lookin' good babe!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Okay, Anne's dumb question to start the week:
Do the skull caps have skulls knit into them and if so, where IS the pattern??? :D

Love from brainless.....A.

Leslie said...

@Anne, the pattern is on Ravelry. I'll send you the linky later.

@Nic, the sweater was knitted by my Mum over 40 years ago, held together by prayer and darns, I can't let it go.

@Rebecca, I did not know that.

sapphireblue said...

Awww what sweet photos!

Diana Troldahl said...

Skully caps are n my list of things to knit this year. I love skulls.
I don't need a reason, but I could probably come up with something deep about beauty of structure, getting down to essentials. the real reason is he same reason I am married to a Pirate/Viking kinda guy. It's FUN!

And the view. ahh the view!
I want ot move to Colorado!