Sunday, January 10, 2010

#10 of 365 - Distaff/Roc Day

We had quite the turn out for our first ever personal celebration of Distaff/Roc Day. What a variety of wheel styles there were, even an electric one that Tam brought.

So many lovely spindles were there too, including some made by Darla and one made by Sue. I brought along my Ren Scot produced spindle as well. Schelli brought her Navajo style spindle and Darla brought her new one from Gypsy Wools in Boulder. Katte had her first experience with a drop spindle, I believe that she will be way more successful at spinning then I will ever be at tatting which I tried to learn today. Sigh. I went back to my lace knitting as that makes more sense to me...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Tatting takes time; but that being said, it is a craft that has an *AH HAH* moment--suddenly your fingers just know what to do! Please don't give up---I can see you doing well with it and using it.
I learned as a child from my grandmother, who could make that shuttle fly. Now there are so many options in shuttle sizes and threads to use....or fine wool???? :)
Just keep at it! You can do it!


DancesWithPitBulls said...

Sheila's looking GOOD! Glad you had fun. I was sick all day and have the earache from hell today. The good news is JACK GOT CALLED BACK TO WORK!!!! Let's celebrate when I am well and you are in town.

Leslie said...

@Rebecca. Whoo Hoo!

@Anne, I do not intend to give up, just need a lefty to show me the way.

Diana Troldahl said...

I still want to learn to tat.
And I want to set aside some time for spinning, I lurves it!

Jan said...

What a lot of fun this looks like. I always enjoy peeking around at peoples photos and looking at their stuff;-)