Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Putting on Another Hat - #13 of 365

Here is another of my hats. and one I truly love. It is from Swan Lace Clothier, a vendor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. It has an Irish lace crown, so it vents my hot head very well. The other great thing about this hat is that it is SO packable, as it lies flat and I don't have to worry about crushing it. The big brim keeps me from sun poisoning as I am photo sensitive (for the rest of my life) due to chemotherapy. This hat does create a challenge, however, as trying get a photograph of my face by reason of the big brimmage is difficult.

With me in this photo, is my Dear Daughter Erin, in her favorite Faire hat from New Terradyctal Leatherworks (no web presence that we can find, sorry for that). Her's is leather and weighs a ton. However, it looks awesome on her and has a host of wonderful embellishments which change frequently.

In this picture, I am also wearing my silk and wool Clan Blair plaid, custom woven by Mark Riehm and Darla Landfair of Boulder. Erin is wearing her silk and wool handwoven Colorado State Tartan, which was woven by herself.

And yes, Diana, that is even MORE amber that I am wearing. Wait'll you see the suite of amber set in gold...


Diana Troldahl said...

Yum!!! I think I'll try and get some good shots of my deep dark chunky amber (pressie from my beloved Oscar)next time the sun shows up.
LOVE both the hats!

sapphireblue said...

You two look very lovely in those hats.

Wicked said...

For those who are searching it's actually: New Pterodactyl Leather.
As far as I can tell, it's still not online at all. (I don't think Slugger even has a permanent address, let alone a website)

Reminds me.. I need to get it stretched before the move. I guess it'll be one of the last things I pack then... otherwise I'll have to find a hat stretcher after the move.