Saturday, January 16, 2010

#16 of 365 - Off to Bailey for the Ren Scot Fortnight

As many of you dear readers know, I belong to a historical re-enactment group called the Renaissance Scots Living History Association. This is the group where I learned to spin, both with a drop spindle and a wheel and can talk about weaving with a reasonable amount of intelligence. I also learned the importance of costuming approriately to convey our time period and how to adjust for modern convention and still look fabulous!

We ostensibly en-act the Clan McLeod of Skye. Therefore, we have a Clan Meeting every year as close to the 12th Day of Christmas as is reasonably possible. Fortnight is the name of the evening in January when we gather to eat, drink and be merry without too much conflict with other holiday and family events. We do a potluck meal, with some associated Scottish foods. For instance, we'll have a Haggis and a Black Bun this evening. We also do a Chinese Gift Exchange, which has been a battle for the kewl stuff (dirks, targes and the like) and is enjoyed by all, except those that get the hot dog shaped candle...

...and do go check out Tristan's giveaawy. Way kewl stuff and his blog is a hoot and a half.

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