Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15 June - Fan of Quilting

I am a fan of quilting. Today is quilt guild day at the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild.

Be it quilts I have made or quilts made by others, I appreciate them all.

My granny, Virginia Smith Blair was a quilter. I still have 2 of the quilts she made. One is a bible quilt, it was made when I was a wee child. The original wore out and she remade it. It has polyester double knit for some of the applique pieces. There is also a applique dogwood. She was into applique more than piecing. Her's were traditional.

I also own an antique quilt made in South Dakota that I found at a yard sale.

I have made and own both pieced and applique. Mine tend to be arty rather than traditional.

My girly, Rebecca does AMAZING crazy quilts. My friend Luana, owns e-Quilter. Nearly half my friends on Facebook are quilt related.

I like making traditional quilt blocks with a twist. Things like log cabins made from batiks or skewed/wonky traditional blocks.

I also have WIPs and UFOs that are quilt related, piles of them in fact...

Currently on the pile of UFOs are a Steampunk themed, a sheep grazing by a Henge, and a Japanese influenced one about Peace.

Most of my quilts tend to be small, more for the art of them than as a bed cover. I also use unusual embellishments on my quilts, such as nuts and bolts, scrap metal, etc. I use quilting in wearable art as in appliqued shirts, quilted vests and the like.

Where are the pictures you might ask? Well, they are mostly on my external hard drive and not accessible at the moment. If you scroll thru my older posts you'll see some of the ones that I have made and/or own,

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 June - Fan of the Colorado Renaissance Festival

I am a big fan of Ren Faires. They are seriously anachronistic and down right silly at times, but fun none the less. Of course there is also drama, intrigue and love connections... It'll will also be the 1st season I will have attended without our Scot/Viking/Roman/Renaissance Man Norman, who we sadly lost this year...

I worked at TRF near Houston for a season or so, demoing spinning and dying long ago. We had a lovely building with a balcony where we (Susan, Sara and myself) were wooed by the Three Musketeers (who were actually oil field explosives boys, dressed to play).

Now I am a playtron myself. I get dress up in whatever garb suits my mood and go play. The upside of costuming is showing off my skills at sewing and design. The downside of being in costume is that the other guests expect you to know where the loos, ATMs and drinking fountains are...

Tomorrow I will likely be wearing the gold with red and green stripe split skirt over a gold embroidered satin petticoat and matching ribbon tied doublet. It's a take on a riding outfit. Depending on the weather I shall either wear my new wee red hat with the silk rose and feathers or my big sun hat with the feathered hatband. Hopefully someone will get a picture as I am usually the one behind the camera.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 June - Knitting Fan

I am a fan of knitting, as you might know.

This year I have knit a Feather and Fan CYA sweater and a pair of Feather and Fan socks.

I have also knit a Zigzag Pullover. (just needs to be stitched together)

I am working on a Water's Edge Cardi. (waiting for the last skein of yarn to be dyed)

I have just cast on for another shawl.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 June - Sewing Fan

I am a fan of sewing. I have been sewing since I was a wee child and I have been on a re-newed kick recently. I remade some things, repaired somethings and re-vamped some other things

I have made or re-made the following items in last couple of months.

From Folkwear:
Prairie Dress in blue and cream calico
Victorian Walking Skirt in dark brown faille and taupe crepe-back satin
Big Sky Skirt - in black crepe and black and grey pinstripe satin
School Mistress' Waist - in burn-out velvet
Edwardian Skirt - in dark brown twill
Prairie Keyhole pocket apron in blue and brown calico
Prairie Keyhole pocket apron in muslin with a pinner bib

From Butterick:
White Linen Chemise - Handkerchief weight
Yellow Cotton Chemise - Calcutta Cloth
Corset (hand sewn eyelets, what was I thinking)-pink and cream satin with
2 layers of canvas

From Simplicity:
Bow tied at the knee knickers - dark brown chenille
Victorian long tailed coat - cream and rusty red satin
Bustle to match the Edwardian Skirt - multi-coloured plaid

From Kannick's Korner:
Women's Linen Caul from 1740s - white handkerchief linen

From no pattern:
Two opened sided skirts (where pockets would be) - green twill, cream
and rose print
Front Split Over Skirt - gold with green and red stripe and cream shields
Lace trimmed linen hankie - white linen
Denim work apron
Ikat cotton apron

Monday, June 6, 2011

5 June - Albannach Fan

On the 1st of June, I listed some of the Celtic Bands that I am a fan.

I stated in that post that I am a fan of Albannach, however I am really a fan of Jamsie Johnston from Pitlochry, Scotland, who is one of the drummers in the band...

He was assaulted by a fan last night after the Glasgow Highland Games in Glasgow, KY and is currently in the hospital. Prayers for healing and fast recovery as he and the band are scheduled to play here in Colorado in July at the Colorado Irish Festival and in September at the Long's Peak Scottish/Irish Festival and Games ...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 June - (I am a) Fan

I am a fan of:

Art - it feeds my Spirit.

Renoir, Manet, Manet, Picasso, Anne Huskey-Lockard, Rebecca Halley, the Celts, the Egyptians

Music - it feeds my Soul.

Classical, Opera, Rock and Roll, Celtic, World, Liturgical

Literature - it feeds my Mind.

History, classics, romances, childrens, fiction, non-fiction

Wednesday, June 1, 2011