Friday, June 10, 2011

10 June - Fan of the Colorado Renaissance Festival

I am a big fan of Ren Faires. They are seriously anachronistic and down right silly at times, but fun none the less. Of course there is also drama, intrigue and love connections... It'll will also be the 1st season I will have attended without our Scot/Viking/Roman/Renaissance Man Norman, who we sadly lost this year...

I worked at TRF near Houston for a season or so, demoing spinning and dying long ago. We had a lovely building with a balcony where we (Susan, Sara and myself) were wooed by the Three Musketeers (who were actually oil field explosives boys, dressed to play).

Now I am a playtron myself. I get dress up in whatever garb suits my mood and go play. The upside of costuming is showing off my skills at sewing and design. The downside of being in costume is that the other guests expect you to know where the loos, ATMs and drinking fountains are...

Tomorrow I will likely be wearing the gold with red and green stripe split skirt over a gold embroidered satin petticoat and matching ribbon tied doublet. It's a take on a riding outfit. Depending on the weather I shall either wear my new wee red hat with the silk rose and feathers or my big sun hat with the feathered hatband. Hopefully someone will get a picture as I am usually the one behind the camera.

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sapphireblue said...

You are so right. The downside of demoing is that you are expected to know where everything on the property is.

Have fun this weekend.