Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15 June - Fan of Quilting

I am a fan of quilting. Today is quilt guild day at the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild.

Be it quilts I have made or quilts made by others, I appreciate them all.

My granny, Virginia Smith Blair was a quilter. I still have 2 of the quilts she made. One is a bible quilt, it was made when I was a wee child. The original wore out and she remade it. It has polyester double knit for some of the applique pieces. There is also a applique dogwood. She was into applique more than piecing. Her's were traditional.

I also own an antique quilt made in South Dakota that I found at a yard sale.

I have made and own both pieced and applique. Mine tend to be arty rather than traditional.

My girly, Rebecca does AMAZING crazy quilts. My friend Luana, owns e-Quilter. Nearly half my friends on Facebook are quilt related.

I like making traditional quilt blocks with a twist. Things like log cabins made from batiks or skewed/wonky traditional blocks.

I also have WIPs and UFOs that are quilt related, piles of them in fact...

Currently on the pile of UFOs are a Steampunk themed, a sheep grazing by a Henge, and a Japanese influenced one about Peace.

Most of my quilts tend to be small, more for the art of them than as a bed cover. I also use unusual embellishments on my quilts, such as nuts and bolts, scrap metal, etc. I use quilting in wearable art as in appliqued shirts, quilted vests and the like.

Where are the pictures you might ask? Well, they are mostly on my external hard drive and not accessible at the moment. If you scroll thru my older posts you'll see some of the ones that I have made and/or own,


sapphireblue said...

Goodluck on getting some of those objects done. I've been having some computer issues myself, but I'm working on it. I've also got a pile of UFO's myself.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, this is Steven. I want to get in touch with Lani. Can you help? email me at