Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 June - Sewing Fan

I am a fan of sewing. I have been sewing since I was a wee child and I have been on a re-newed kick recently. I remade some things, repaired somethings and re-vamped some other things

I have made or re-made the following items in last couple of months.

From Folkwear:
Prairie Dress in blue and cream calico
Victorian Walking Skirt in dark brown faille and taupe crepe-back satin
Big Sky Skirt - in black crepe and black and grey pinstripe satin
School Mistress' Waist - in burn-out velvet
Edwardian Skirt - in dark brown twill
Prairie Keyhole pocket apron in blue and brown calico
Prairie Keyhole pocket apron in muslin with a pinner bib

From Butterick:
White Linen Chemise - Handkerchief weight
Yellow Cotton Chemise - Calcutta Cloth
Corset (hand sewn eyelets, what was I thinking)-pink and cream satin with
2 layers of canvas

From Simplicity:
Bow tied at the knee knickers - dark brown chenille
Victorian long tailed coat - cream and rusty red satin
Bustle to match the Edwardian Skirt - multi-coloured plaid

From Kannick's Korner:
Women's Linen Caul from 1740s - white handkerchief linen

From no pattern:
Two opened sided skirts (where pockets would be) - green twill, cream
and rose print
Front Split Over Skirt - gold with green and red stripe and cream shields
Lace trimmed linen hankie - white linen
Denim work apron
Ikat cotton apron


sapphireblue said...

Wow! Lot's of goodies. I want to see some pictures when you get the chance.

Nic said...

Yeah! Pictures please! Especially the Victorian long tailed coat. I have a weakness for those!