Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lost Wallet and Rude Acquaintances

I went to the Sew Expo in Denver with some acquaintances on Saturday. I had a wonderful time, as I got to see my Denver and Boulder friends while looking at all the goodies for purchase. I did restrain myself from buying everything I saw. I got some lovely new colours of wool roving though, to add to my needle felting collection.

I really coveted the attachment from Crawford with 5 felting needles for a sewing machine that the bobbin guts are removed from. I so want one, sigh... I can better justify spending $60.00 to $70.00 on an attachment and $20.00 or so for a used sewing machine than the $400.00 for the needle felting machines by the big brands. My Scottish penny pinching soul cannot justify all that money for a machine that only does one thing, but $100.00 and recycled/re-purposed as well, none so bad...

The rude acquaintances were the ladies I rode up to Denver with. One was over an hour late and didn't apologize for it. The other whinged about the headache she had all day. I was harangued for being too QUIET! Me, quiet? Well, the person who said it, never shut up, so how could I get a word in edgewise?

Rudeness in general, reigned. I don't know about you, but I was taught to say please, thank you and I am sorry when appropriate by MY parents. I would have been better off going alone or not at all on that day as I also lost my wallet, sigh.

The lost wallet may be in the back seat of the driver's car. However, I woke her up when I called to ask and left a VM. In return, I got back a cranky VM, but still don't know if my wallet is in her car, and I called her over 24 hours ago.

I now have to gather all of the paperwork that I can find and go to the Social Security office, the DMV and the bank. Ick, poo, waaah. Of course, after I do all this, she'll likely call and tell me she found it.

Thanks to my Clever Erin, the DD who gave me a new wallet for Christmas, I will have something to put everything in when I get the new stuff. I hadn't transferred my stuff from my old wallet to the new one as yet.

I did have some knitting with me, thank heavens. When we stopped at the Container Store for one of the ladies to purchase something for her closet, I had something to do. My friend, Katte had made a gift bag for me that was just the right size to hold a skein of yarn and the hat project. I hooked the drawstring to my jacket sleeve button and away I went, walking, looking and knitting. One person in the store (a customer) look at me like I had dog doody on my shoe for walking around knitting (I think she was jealous, LOL). I didn't have my Altoid's tin full of stitch markers with me, so I had to buy some paperclips to use, as I had gotten to the decreases and didn't want to stop knitting. Paper clips can be SO useful. Everyone else wanted to know what my project was going to be and wasn't I smart to have knitting along. I never leave home without it anymore...

Edited at 4:15 pm.

The finale of the story is this. I spent all morning and afternoon replacing everything. It's a challenge when you don't have ID to prove who you are. Fortunately, my picture was still in the database at the DMV and I could be photo ID'd from it. I answered all the questions correctly at the bank as well. SS was easier as I had my latest award letter to prove it was me. So, the day was spent taking care of all of this. I spent nearly 2 hours at the DMV. The bank, thank god, was pretty painless.

The daughter arrived home and I told her the saga and she kinda got mad about my having to do all of this and spend $21.00 to replace my license as well. So, she called the person whose car it might have been in, and low and behold, that person, indeed had found it. She claimed to have left me a VM but I can prove that she did not. If she had, I wouldn't have had to waste my whole day. She was also VERY rude to my daughter and hung up on her. The gist of the coversation was basically to tell me to eat shit and die as I was rude to her and her friend. I thought I was being EXTREMELY patient and kind, even so, introducing them to my REAL friends from Metro Denver. She also LIED to my daughter. I don't do that very well, now I am furious. I'll have to see this person every week if I want to continue to knit at my LYS on Wednedsday Mornings. Gaaah...

If there is a silver lining, I will not have to renew either my license or my bank card until 2014. Both were due up next year. So, that is DONE!


sapphireblue said...

You're a better person than me dealing with some rude people. As I have gotten older I have lost my ability to handle it. I wish I could have gone to that event, but I didn't know about it.

Good luck, and I hope you find that wallet. It's such a pain in the behind to try to get all that stuff re-issued.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh brother Leslie....you had more than your share, just with the wallet incident, let alone the rude people.
You'll laugh, but one of the best things I ever bought was a chain wallet at Hot Topic. (Misfits, of course!!!) I have frequently wandered off with the wallet still on the counter, but it was attached to the front belt loop of my pants, and that quick SWAT on the leg reminds you that, yes, you did forget soemthing....
Ain't aging grand????

Leslie said...

All shall be well, and I never have to speak to her again, as she thinks I am the "rude" one. I got all new ID and cards today. I won't have to worry about them again since they aren't up for renewal til 2014. The lost ones were up next year.

I will recover my fave old wallet tomorrow as IT WAS in her car, but the witch didn't call me.

Wallet on a chain is definitely looking better, Anne... LOL

sapphireblue said...

Thanks for posting to my blog. My birthday is Feb 26th. I am in the Greeley area.

I have marked that I am following your blog, because your stories are so funny, and you do great work.

Leslie said...

Thanks for your Comment. I follow your blog too. I love peeking into people's lives.

I appreciate your kind comments on my writing and my work. About to post the Dragonfly Socks which will be finished today. Woot!