Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grace and St .Stephen's Episcopal Church Trial Update

I attended the afternoon portion of the trial I posted about earlier, on Friday. It was an interesting afternoon, to say the least. I have attended trials before and I have never seen a witness who was allowed such free reign in their responses to questions. It was fascinating to watch the process. Having been a criminal trial witness and also a certified paralegal sitting in on witness instruction, it's my opinion, the judge should have told the witness to limit his answers to yes or no as appropriate and to ONLY answer the question asked. Both attorneys should have either objected more or cautioned the witness more. Maybe, the judge was giving the witness the rope needed to hang himself. Be that as it may, if I EVER hear the word "context" used again, I shall scream out loud.

I also ran into some friends from the Scottish community that I hadn't seen since last September and I was unaware that we belonged to the same denomination, let alone were on opposite sides of the aisle as it were...

On a lighter note, I got nearly a whole Fern Clog Sock knitted while listening to the testimony. I am that glad that I took such a small project, as the Court Room was PACKED... SRO and sitting on the floor type packed.

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