Sunday, February 15, 2009

2009 Creative Every Day Challange and the El Paso County Crafters Get Together

My friend, Anne has induced me to be Creative Every Day. Click on the Creative Every Day 2009 icon and it will take you to the blog that started this venture. I will post pictures of what I have done creatively today after I find the cable to my camera.

As for the El Paso County Crafters; we had a lovely time together. It was wonderful to see all the things that the others were working on. What a great exhibit of creativity was on display. There were Rebecca's Crazy Quilts, Sheila and Sue's spinning, Wendie's baby items, (loved that pink flamingo bib) Jean's husband's vest. Of course we all had to show off our socks as well. I really liked Sheila's pair of socks and her Montana Clog Company handpainted clogs (I want a pair, so very much, here's the link: I had on my Encore Scrappies which keep my tootsies toasty and I was glad of it as it was a frosty day yesterday.

I showed Rebecca, Anthea and Tara how to do needle felting and they each made a Valentine themed piece. Anthea also made a crown themed one as well.

I will also post photos of the El Paso County Crafters group craft day, after I find the cable to my camera. As promised here are the photographs from the El Paso County Crafters get together on 14 February, 2009

BTW: I am a Winner! I follow a blog that had a contest to Pay it Forward and I left a message and I got this in return.
Congratulations!  You're one of the winners from my recent...

Since I rarely if ever win anything it was a nice treat. Maybe a little of that French Good luck
on Friday the 13th Rubbed off on me...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I checked the clogs and they are beautiful! But if you want to have something similiar, on a budget, get an inexpensive pair of white medical clogs (not those plastic things!), strip the finish off with nail polish remover, paint with acrylic craft paint and then finish with a flexible varnish.
No, it's not the same, but when I find mine, I'll post a pic. I always get compliments on them, or at least strange looks!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

P.S. The clogs, of course, must be leather.....forgot to mention that!!!! ;)

Leslie said...

Wouldn't want to waste all that effort on a pair of plastic ones that's for certain. I am going to take my clogs in for some cosmetic repair and then I will started designing their paint job. Great suggestion, BTW.