Monday, February 9, 2009

Coraline, the Movie

We, the Daughter o'Mine and I went to see Coraline this weekend. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was her first 3-D movie and my first one since before she was born. Yikes! The only downside of the experience for either of us was the 3-D glasses didn't fit either of us very well and the bridge of my nose complained bitterly.

I hope that you do read the book by Neil Gaiman before you go to see it. It's a fast little read and can be found in the Young Adults area at either your LBS or your library. Do look also, for the little hand knit treasures from Althea at The blue sweater with stars, the cream sweater and the gloves were just lovely. I think I will get me a yellow slicker and some yellow rain boots and be Coraline for Halloween..

Someone over at Ravely has already designed a full size grownup pair of the gloves. They might be my first venture into glove knitting, who knows?


talumirage said...

Oh no! Is it all 3D?
I won't be able to watch it properly! :( :'(

I'm partially sighted (about 6/20 vision) in my right eye, which means I can't see well out of it, so 3D specs are a bust... used to cry about it as a kidling...

Leslie said...

They have both 3D and none versions, just go to the none 3D one when it gets to you..