Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday - Grace and St .Stephen's Episcopal Church Trial Update

I went to knit this morning at Knitter's Kove. We swapped war stories on our medical issues and shared our latest knit and quilt projects. I traded for yet another Size 2 Brittany DPN, cuz I snapped 2 over the weekend. BTW: I've got Dragonflies on the needles again, in a Cherry Tree Hill yarn, Colourway Blues and Greens.

We congratulated Barb (DragonFlyKnitter) on her engagement, way to go, Barb and congratulations again.

I then went to the Noon Service at our exile home, 1st Christian Church for The Imposition of Ashes and then out to lunch after, with my friend Sue for Chinese at Hunan Gardens (Thanks, Rebecca for introducing me to this restaurant).

I should have done this sooner for that I extend my apologies. Here is the link to the Diocese of Colorado website with the news items relating to the current case here in El Paso County.

After lunch, I then went down to the courthouse for the afternoon testimony in our trial. They had recalled the witness from Friday, sigh. Woo-hoo, he only used the word context twice today. Thanks the Gods, as I was ready to scream on Friday from hearing it SO often.

I did get to meet the attorney for our side, Mr. Martin Nussman, very nice gentleman and he does not an easy job ahead. He asked me if you had to knit to be an Episcopalian, to which I replied, no, but right now it helps as it does soothe our frazzled nerves and helps us to concentrate on the testimony. There are anywhere from 3-7 knitters clicking away during testimony. There does not appear to be any knitters for the other side...

I also got to meet the Canonical Lawyer (whose name is escaping me at the moment) for the Diocese of Colorado as well... I would venture to guess that his job is extremely interesting. He is also friends with my old parish priest, The Rt. Rev. Alan Scarfe, formerly from Eagle Rock, CA who is now the Bishop of Iowa.

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