Monday, March 29, 2010

#87 of 365 - Two Days Later

Erin and I turned out the lights Saturday night for one hour for Earth Hour. Here's photographic proof, much to Erin's dismay. I just realize that I wear that sweater pretty darn often. It makes it into nearly every other photograph of me. Thanks, Mum for your efforts, oh, those many years ago.

P.S. We did cheat and kept the TV on as we were trying to finish up a DVD that needed to go back to the library. The computer and all the lights however, were dark. Guess what, we actually talked to each other! What a concept... Now, maybe for a game of canasta and more talk, what do you think about that?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Do you remember the days of the long languid evenings on the porch, in a chair or swing, talking with family or friends or both?
Boy......I miss those..... :)


P.S. My vert Word is *patio*.....think it's trying to tell us something???

Leslie said...

Now that's funny!

Yes, I do remember those evenings, but the porch was screened and we have a table and chairs, no swing...

g-girl said...

if someone had made me a sweater as gorgeous as the one your mum made, i'd wear it all the time too! wow..actual conversation?? ;)