Sunday, March 7, 2010

#66 of 365 - Knitting yet Again...

Busy, busy weekend. Knit with the girls at the Lamb Shoppe yesterday afternoon, saw The Rising also known as Mohr Phun which was a concert presented by Angus Mohr and Gobs O'Phun, thus the name, last night.

Also met the Judds' new family edition, currently sort of nameless... I fell for her and she for me. she tried to hide under my skirt and go with when I left the house this morning. Then to church at my church home away from church home, Saint Thomas. Then it was Kiltmaking 202 with Judy this afternoon.

Now watching the Oscars and hand stitching pleats in. Ryan Blair WILL wear this kilt at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Denver on the 13th (next Saturday, don't ya know)!

Basically, I hung out all the weekend with various iterations of my Denver,Aurora and Broomfield friends.

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