Saturday, March 27, 2010

#85 of 365 - Gonna Have Happy Feet in Green Eventually

Sorry that the picture is out of focus. It's due to operator error on the part of the photographer. She said it herself, so don't get mad at me for it. Its craptastic, so sorry about that. I went to Lamb Shoppe in Denver to knit with the girls after stripping palms at church this morning. I had totally forgotten that I was to get a birthday discount as my birthday falls in March when I decide to go today. I mean, after all, it's nearly a hundred and thirty miles round trip to get there just to knit. However, the next time I would be able to get to the shop would be next Saturday. Of course, that would then be in April. I therefore, took advantage of the discount today. I bought some new sock yarn for me to make a pair of green socks. It's Zauberball Magic Ball in greens.

I also learned to strip palms to prepare them for Palm Sunday tomorrow and also how to make a palm cross. I took to heart what my Granny used to say and learned something new today.


Stacy Hudgens said...

It was me, mea culpa, mea culpa! I was the unsteady photographer. I'm sorry, I generally do better being steady. I just couldn't get the camera steady enough.
And it's so bad, because the yarn was so pretty, and with interesting color variegation.

Diana Troldahl said...

Oohh I have some of that very yarn. LUSCIOUS! I am still deciding what to make with it, I'm thinking a modular shawl. And belated happy birthday!

g-girl said...

no worries about the out of focus shot..happens to the best of us! love your hat. :) oooh, i'm jealous of the zauberball! i was brandishing a couple of balls of that at stitches but ended up not purchasing any of them! can't wait to see your new green socks.