Thursday, March 11, 2010

#70 of 365 - Going Green

Going green isn't just for Saint Patrick's Day. I try to be as green as one can be.

I usually carry my own coffee cup, to quilt guild, church and stitch and bitch. It's funny that this picture doesn't show my green travel coffee cup, but I did have it with me, even so. I also recycle water bottles, either by refilling them from my Pur pitcher or as ice for my cooler in the summer (pop in the freezer with 1.5 inch of headroom for ice expansion). I also keep my own chopsticks (coloured green, even) to hand, in case of eating out at a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. No splinters for me...

I also use fabric shopping bags, many of which are recycled from other things. I have used jeans, UFO (unfinished objects) quilts and those give-away bags you get at certain events.

Tea bags and coffee grounds get used as dye for fabrics that need it or into the garden pots to amend the soil.

Tins and cans get made into containers for knitting stuff, scissors, pencils and such. Either painted or covered in fabric or poly-clay.

Sweaters can get unraveled, if not felted. The yarn is soaked and hung out to dry (TIC) to get the kinks out. If they are felted, they are cut up and made into various types of bags.

Still trying to figure out how to convince our complex get us at least one recycling station for papers and such.

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