Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#75 of 365 - Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Again, it's that time of the month, NO, not that time, but quilt guild time.

This month's block is a pieced block called Colour Triangles. It uses colours from the previous months blocks, so if I make one extra block each month I will have a 9 block top at the end of the season.

The reason we only end up with 9 blocks at the end of the year, is that we don't do a block in November (holiday party) and we are on hiatus in December.

Of course, it being Saint Patrick's Day, I am wearing green. The theme of the meeting was going green and we encourage everyone to wear green and be greener by bringing their own coffee cups. I have been doing that for a while and it's a no brainer and saves me from sending hundreds of paper cups into the landfills every year.

Slainte to all. (To Your Health in the Gaelic).

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