Sunday, March 21, 2010

#79 0f 365 - Hmmm, What About Today?

Anita and me knitting at the Lamb Shoppe of a Saturday. Today, I am wishing that the Lamb Shoppe were closer (it's in Denver) so I could knit there more often. However, I will get there the 3rd of April when I am dog-sitting once again in Broomfield. Until then I will be a knitting at the Kove, which is where I met Anita in the first place...

Today, I am yet again working on a 198 Yards of Heaven. Which is what I am likely working on in this picture as well. Erin and Rebecca kinda think I am mad for making so many of them. Since I have more than a few skeins of handspun which are for the most part 250 yards and under, it's a perfect fit. I find it to be a lovely little pattern and a great way to use those special yarns. I have spun a few of them myself or they have been spun by someone else and been gifted to me. I would do them honour by knitting them up and showing them off.

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