Saturday, February 27, 2010

#58 of 365 - Guardian Angel, thy Name is Stephanie2

I really hate going to the PO, well, I really hate doing business at the USPS. So to avoid a meltdown on my part, I use a contract PO branch inside one of the local Christian Book Stores. In this town, you can't swing a cat without hitting one of these stores, mind you. Though, they don't all have mailing facilities. This is me, mailing off an IME book and some Asylum yarn. That is Stephanie 2 (there are two Stephanies that work there) helping me out. She makes the chore of sending out stuff such a pleasure. She has the patience to put up with making up the postage in stamps instead of a sticker as the IME folks like to collect the stamps as art supplies or to add to the art in the books. Thanks dear one.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I hate trying to find a parking place to GO to the P.O.---blowing 1/4 tank of gas driving in circles.....
I ahd some flat rate boxes I was going to mail within the state, and I literally can DRIVE them to the destination cheaper!
Am I missing something???? (or just cranky!)


Lynx said...

kudos to Stephanie 2! I am fortunate to have good customer service at our local (SMALLTOWN) PO, and make sure that I let them know that I appreciate it. Stamps are so much nicer than those nasty stickers... and you are wonderful to think of your recipients that way!!!