Monday, February 15, 2010

#46 of 365 - Old Friends and New

The joys of the internet is reconnecting with friends from the past. Lysa and I went to the same tiny high school in New Jersey and somehow we both ended up in Colorado. This photo was taken at the Long Peak Scottish-Irish Festival in lovely Estes Park, CO this past September. Lysa is a Stewart and I, of course am a Blair.

Then there are newly met friends. That would be Shaun from Clan Rose. She was there with her workmates as the boss was a festival sponsor and took his whole team to the festival for a day. How cool is that?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said... mother's maiden name was Stewart.......
I know we go waaaaay back to the Isles. Do we fight with Blairs or do our clans get along? (get along I hope! LOL!!!)


Ces said...

See you always go to parties!