Thursday, February 4, 2010

#35 of 365 - How I Spent Some of My Day

This morning, I talked Erin into going to the Denver Sew Expo at the Merchanise Mart in Denver, obviously. It's a sewing expo that runs for 3 days in February every year. We were going to pass by it today on the way to delivering me to Sheila's house in anticipation of dog sitting in Broomfield for the next week and we had the time to check it out, so we did.

We ran into Katte whilst we were there. We also saw Barb, Marlene and Betty, old dear quilting friends from Denver and Boulder. We checked out the vendors and spent a lot of time in Cheryl Oberle's booth petting yarn and checking out the shawls. We got to see her latest shawlette just of the needles and we all love it. I can't wait til the pattern is available. Besides Cheryl's yarns and books, the only thing that really interested me was the banana fiber yarn, lovely colours with an interesting texture. Erin was not so fond of the texture, but I was okay with it.

...and yes, I am wearing Ishbel again. I even gave lessons to other patrons on how I wear it...

Now I am at Sheila's, knitting and visiting whilst waiting to go to the Wiseharts for the supper and then on to the house of dogs across the way...

Sheila sez Hey Rebecca!


Diana Troldahl said...

I need to finish my second shawlette!
I am too busy kntting stuff for Otterwise! (not really complaining, I LOVE my job!)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am thoroughly envious......
Pea green is the color glowing thru your monitor as you read this comment.
I went to the drug store and grocery and fought mobs of crazy people and dimwits, and I assure you those are the kindest words I can cough up.
Your day was awesome.
My day sucked.
End of story...HAHAHAHA!!! :)