Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#41 of 365 - What You Do, When...

If you knit like I do, occasionally you'll want to wind some yarn without aid of tools. I am dog sitting in Broomfield this week and therefore don't have my tools of a ball winder and swift, nor do I have a willing pair of hands. Here's the solution. Either use your feet or use your knee. You can also use the back of a chair, but there is not an appropriate style in the TV room of this house.

If you do either of these, you can end up with one of these. This is some hand-dyed handspun, that my new friend Rachel was de-stashing last weekend. I thought that they would work well together as a shawlette. It is styled on the Multnomah. More shall be revealed... This is likely going for Miz Jenna's birthday giftie in May.


Sheila E. said...

Last night I was trying to wind some yarn into a ball from a mini skein....I got off enough for a pair of baby socks and the rest now sits in a tangled mess. lol For another day when I have more patience.

Leslie said...

or Betty-Anne's arms!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Loved this!!!
I have made so many yarn-messes and while I have a ball winder that I am sure is a gift from the gods, I have yet to invest in a swift. (am sure DH would ask why I bought a wood umbrella......)
I have, in my pre-hip replacement days used my knee and a foot to hold the stuff, but usually, I just have a big howling mess!
You have talent girlie.... :)