Friday, February 26, 2010

#57 of 365 - Art Today

Today was primarily devoted to doing the art that I bought some of the supplies whilst doing yesterday's errands. Deborah came over and kept me company while I played in the 3 Moleskines I have in hand from the Ravelry International Moleskine Exchange. I gnerally do a theme of art in the books that come my way. Today's turned out to be a Spring themed poem with steampunked fleurs. Don't ask me why, just the mood I was in I suppose, as I am SO ready for Spring to arrive.

The ingredients for these pages are patterned paper, green flower shapes, gears, and rhinestones, with tags, ribbons and yarn. Sorta of Shabby Chic meets the Industrial Revolution. The bit of poetry is from "A Celtic Miscellany" by Kenneth Hurlstone Jackson. It is from the chapter on Nature. What I used is as follows: May-time, fair season, perfect in its aspect then; blackbirds sing in full song, if there be a scanty beam of day. Waxing philosophical to boot...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This looks like FUN Leslie! How I want to escape into a project with no deadline and no prerequisites!
And by the way, the socks are NOT making the Olympic deadline; the hands have given out and I am knitting at the pace of a limping snail.
But they are red and white, like the Canadian flag, so that has to count for something!!!


DancesWithPitBulls said...

ooooooooh them moley's is purdy! Was that Deborah from knitting?

WV= fling lol

Leslie said...

@Rebecca, indeed it was Deborah from Knitting.