Sunday, February 21, 2010

#52 of 365 - Today has Been a Good Day, So Far

Got up this morning to head out to church, it was slip sliding away getting out of my neighborhood. We had an inch more of snow during the night... Got to church safely enough, thank you, God. Went to Adult Education where we learned about the origins of the church in Britain along with other historical information. More reading for me, which is not a bad thing.

After church, I went to the library to print something out and pick up a couple of movies that had come in. There I was treated to the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony's Apollo Quartet playing some selections in the atrium of the library. What a lovely treat for the ears!

Now I am waiting for the onion soup to finish... Nom!


Diana Troldahl said...

What recipe do you use for onion soup?
We both LOVE it, and it is SO good for you!

Leslie said...

No recipe, made it up as I went.