Tuesday, February 16, 2010

#47a of 365 - New Works, What A Concept

Here are the latest in the New Works Department. I rather think that you have had enough of the Thoughts for awhile. Although you are still going to get some thoughts.

This is my Feather and Fan Shawl in a single ply of handspun. Technically, it's a shawlette and I rather think that I will wear it as a neck scarf more than any other way. Yes, it is pretty in pink! What you get see is what you get when you help someone else de-stash their yarns and then use them. It is an experimental shawl anyway, to see what happens when you knit a single ply of yarn for a lace type shawl. I have an idea in mind for some of my own handspun, so this was a process knit... Process knitting is basically for the pleasure of knitting and learning something new.

This is Jenna's Mini-Multnomah. It's done in handspun as well, Although it's a two- ply with very short yardage. It took every inch there was of the one skein of pink and the two skeins of multi-coloured. The cool part is it is going to be exactly the perfect size for Our Wee Jenna. Multnomah is a free pattern from Ravelry.


Jaye said...

I like the idea of process knitting that you describe. I think it is important to work through the learning process. This means that some of our creations aren't perfect, but I don't know how else to learn.

Leslie said...

@Jaye, I am all about the process, finished items, not so much. Some I keep, most I gift and the rest go to charity. Along the way, I learn something new every day.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love the top picture as the shawl, colorwise, and with your arms extended, makes you look like a butterfly!
I have put the devil hat on hold due to the hands having a fit; so we're back to socks. MAybe I can crank a pair out before the Olympics is over.
And maybe not!
You must knit like the wind girlie-girl!!!! :)