Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is Earth Day - Creative Every Day

Why I Put a Cozy on a Tree

I have been reading about the guerrilla knitters who have been decorating stationary items with knitted pieces. Basically, the knitters attach a piece of knitting to anything and everything that isn't nailed down. The knitting community in Houston, TX is quite notorious for doing this.

I've been thinking, how fun is this idea and how neat it is to come upon a piece of knitting somewhere unexpectedly. I suppose though, that you have to be a knitter or crocheter to really appreciate it.

My friend Kimi from Ravelry and I got to talking about this the other day and we challenged each other to "JUST DO IT."

So, I just did it. Here are the craptastic pictures to prove it.

As a point of interest, I went to the Philadelphia, PA first Earth Day celebration in Fairmount Park, WAY back in the day. I cannot believe that it's been SO many years and we are still having to educate and reiterate the same ideas and suggestions and continue to hope that even a small bit filters in.

REUSE, RECYCLE, everyone. Now, if I could just get the HOA to amend their rules to let me have a clothes line to dry my clothes, that would be a small victory.

Here are some links to information about guerilla knitting in the USofA:

and in the UK:

Edited at 9:00 pm to include Kimi's Images.

Kimi went all out and even did her car! I love the idea and am going to appropriate it for my truck. I bow to her greatness. This has been a fun experience. Long distance guerrilla art.


Janet Brady said...

Guerilla knitting, what a concept! I'm going to share it with my knitting group at school and see what they think. I love ravelry. I was addicted to it last week until I started looking at all the quilts on Park City Gal's Blogger's Quiltfest.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

"craptastic pictures"
OMG!!!!! I love the phrase, and I love it that you went and DID it!!!
I had read about similar items done in artsy communities and thought how cool it would be to live in a place that did that.
At least I can enjoy it here!!!

Sharon said...

Truth often reveals itself through hilarity. So does genius. LOVED it!

I tried knitting but was unarguably kraptastic at bad I wouldn't even write something funny to cover it up, all the better unspoken. I leave such things in better hands than mine now. I do enjoy felting old wool sweaters and making stuff out of them, though.

Leslie said...

Hey Sharon,

About knitting, my daughter used to say the same thing, then she decided to try Entrelac and succeeded and is now onto socks..

However, what ever you do to be creative is the BEST thing for you to do...

SleepyEyes said...

Yay! That is so cool! One of the knitters in my group knit a cozy for the water pipes in our LYS (the one I work at) bathroom. It's so fun to see it there when you're on the toilet. he he

Diana Troldahl said...

I love this so much, what a great way to "hug a tree" !

I blogged about your blog post today (s that double blogging?)

AlisonH said...

A mirror-arm cozy for the car. I am SO going to imitate that one! I can't wait to see how long it takes my daughter to groan, "MOOOOOOOOOM!!!"

Splendid Little Stars said...

How cool! just like sculpture!