Friday, April 24, 2009

25 April - Today is World Wide Pinhole Camera Day

I was cruising the interwebs yesterday and ran across this link. It was a "oh cool, I remember those" moment for me.

Here's my Creative Every Day thing, as I will make a fabulously decorated pinhole camera. I shall start with one of these.

My Da used to make me and my sister Diana, any number of these cameras when we were growing up. He had a dark room a lot of the time when I was a kid. Therefore, we used to play around with film and cameras a lot. He even turned an old box camera into a Polaroid. He was the one that also taught me how to safely observe a solar eclipse with a pinhole camera. It was a lesson well learned. Funny story, this AA taught the Lockheed engineers she worked with that trick of observing an eclipse as none of them knew it. I also showed them the trick of a piece of paper with a pinhole in it held above another piece of paper, they didn't know that one either. I was shocked, shocked, I tell you...

I have printed out the instructions for building one of these cameras and will relive my childhood for a little while whilst building it. I will let you all know how it goes and try to remember to take pictures of the building process along the way.

On another note: 24 April

I really have been missing having a space to garden in. Not having a space is largely the reason that I have volunteered for the Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church's new garden crew. Although, I don't really have the time with the festival season fast bearing down upon me. I just want to get my hands back into the soil for awhile, if just for the pleasure of seeing the efforts on a Sunday morning.

Here's a quote I found that expresses my current state of mind about it. I do have house plants and plan a few potted garden things like growing my own garlic.

“Just because you've only got houseplants doesn't mean you don't have
the gardening spirit - I look upon myself as an indoor gardener.”

Sara Moss-Wolfe

Arbor Day, here's the linky to the Arbor Day site:

Arbor Day was yesterday. It kinda slipped by me and I didn't do anything other than look at my aspen with it's cozy on (see post of 22 April). Today we are suppose to be planting a tree in the church garden. I shall count that towards making up for the lack of planting a tree on the actual day of Arbor. Of course, it is all contingent upon the weather, yet again. Last weekend, we were suppose to start on the gardens and we had two days of snow. So work was postponed until today. Of course, we are suppose to have thunder storms all the day long. I shall take my wellies and my sun hat..


Corvus said...

Yay festival! I missed CoRF last year because I was busy gallavanting about Tanzania fighting man eating ants and flies and spiders and parasites, but I'll be back this year and I'm quite excited.

We just started our garden out back, with some tomato and pea plants that have been growing for the past few months in the basement. We're waiting a bit longer to move the pepper plants and lettuce and catnip, and probably won't move the broccoli at all. I'm excited.

I've never made nor used a pinhole camera. I'll have to rectify this some time.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Dad and I used to have a darkroom; processing and printing B&W film was one of my favorite things to do. I still have the enlarger, though at present it is a support for a box of mixed media supplies.
I always remember the smell of the film package when it was opened---old 620 size, the big square negatives. If you haven't been there, none of it makes sense!
I miss that so much.......

Leslie said...

Absolutely get what you are saying, Anne. I remember it so well.

I worked in a studio back in the day in the darkroom. Printing Sepia and B&W was really fun stuff. Also spent a lot of time in the darkroom in HS, fun, fun, fun way to lose track of time.

Leslie said...

Anne wrote me a note about cyan printing.

This was my response.
Never worked with cyan,interesting!

She also talked about the paper foil wrappers that film used to come in and this is what I said about that.

I can so imagine what you might do with those foil wrappers.

Leslie said...

My Da wrote this to me:

Thanks for the memory! I had a lot of fun making the solar eclipse pinhole camera. I seem to remember that you and Diana brought all the neighbor kids over to see it. Good for you for showing the aerospace engineers the pinhole camera.

Love, Dad