Sunday, April 12, 2009

Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church - The Bishop was here for Easter Sunday

Just a quick update about the Easter Service today. First off, we woke up to SNOW! The DD brought it on yesterday, as she said, "Mum, it's Easter tomorrow, you do know it's going to snow?"

The Bishop of Colorado, the Right Reverend Robert O'Neill drove down from Denver in that snow to officiate his first Easter Service at our historic church on Tejon Street. He has been with the congregation for the last three Easters due to the sundering of the congregations right before Holy Week in 2007. He has been an amazing tower of support during this time of trial, exile and change. We have been very grateful to him and his staff, these last two years.

We also had a member of the clergy from 1st Christian Church, our home away for the last two years, process with our clergy. Again, we are so grateful for their many kindnesses to us in the last two years.

The church was bedecked in Easter Lilies and other floral arrangements. The music from the brass quartet was an incredible gift. We are truly blessed with our Taylor Organ and Deke Prolifka, our organist and choir director. The choir sang magnificently. I dearly love to hear Plainsong sung by gifted singers.

The church was packed again as it was on Palm Sunday. Now that Holy Week has ended, I shall be interested to see what the size of the congregation really is.

On a sad note:

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will discover that I am now moderating the comments. Sadly, an anonymous person left a very unkind and very unchristian like comment about a previous post regarding this particular church and this denomination. This person took great pains to conceal his/her identity. If that person had used their name or had had a way to be contacted, I would likely have left their posting intact. I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is true whether I share that opinion or not. What I do not believe in, however, is concealing one's identity in order to express that opinion.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Totally understand on the moderating, and hope I don't have to do that.
All I can say, after not being able to go anywhere, was I can share with you the joy of being in *your* (or MY) church on easter, with it filled with lillies (that gave me the wheezes) and that particular feeling that the world again has the possibility for being RIGHT. I can't put it into words Leslie---It's like going home.
So happy for you and the other members and it sounds like it was a wonderful day especially with the inclusion of the other church that had given you all refuge.
It was rebirth!

Leslie said...

Oh no, my dear it so was not you. You don't hide behind an anonymous identity and I value your insights and comments very much.

Leslie said...

The florist pulled most of the stuff that makes the lilies wheezy, I was that surprised, must have been a great effort.

To the person that left the comment that I accidentally deleted about teaching a lefty from Cheyanne Mountain to knit. I would be glad to.

Silly me, this is the first with dealing with moderated comments