Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quilt Guild Door Prize and Life is Funny that Way

This morning was the meeting of the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild of Colorado Springs, CO. I have been a member of this guild since I moved to the Springs last year. I am the Block of the Month Coordinator as well. This requires that I pick out a quilt block and choose the fabric colours and type. I then make samples to show the ladies how it will look when finished. Last month was a paper pieced Aspen Leaf, to be done in a medium to dark blue background and yellow-green leaf. Rebecca and I are the only ones that got it right. Rebecca got it right, cuz I gave her the yellow-green fabric, LOL.

It has been a challenge to get the ladies to stick to the chosen colours consistently. I can't figure out if they don't know what the colours are (even tho I make 3-4 samples for them to see) or if they just don't care and are doing their own thing. To that end, for the Appliqued Columbine that I chose for next month BOM, I stole an idea from Vinda (also a member of the Guild and in charge of the Guild Challenge Quilt) and got paint chips in the colours chosen for the block for them to use in helping them pick their fabrics. We shall see what we shall see. It is a challenge to the winner of the blocks to make something from all of the blocks if they are difficult to put together, either colour-wise or size-wise.

I also induced my friend, Rebecca to join the guild a couple of months ago. She has been setting up her CQ kits to sell at each meeting. So, last month I won a door prize and as I had at least one of, if not more of every object in the bag, I gave them to Rebecca as she didn't have a bone folder or a magnet wand for picking up pins. The deal is, win a prize and bring another one back the next meeting, so I brought a pack of fat quarters of batiks this month.

Well, I won another door prize today. I got the bag and turned to Rebecca and said, "I wonder what I am giving you this month?" Then I opened the bag and there was fabric I recognized! It was a crazy quilt kit that Rebecca had put together and donated for the door prizes! What was even funnier, is that it was a bag of greens that I had given the fabric and embellishments to Rebecca so she could make kits from it. We about had hysterics over it, along with Rebecca's friend, Sheryl, who we have also induce to join the guild. Rebecca IS so bringing the door prize next month!

I also showed off the Baggo'Crap quilt in the making at show and tell as it will be finished and on it's way back to the owner before the next meeting. Yummy, dupioni silk, fake rose petals, beads, velvet, ribbon yarn and tassels. Ye Gods, it sounds like a stripper! A Baggo Quilt is made from a gallon zip bag filled with bits and bobs of stuff. The bags are sent to a central person, who them sends them out again to someone else. The challenge is to create something from the crap in the bag. After the quilt is completed, a picture is posted to our Yahoo Group, the Fiber Pirates and the person who's bag it was claims it and gets the quilt that resulted. Here's a preview of what is to come. I am pretty sure the person whose Baggo I got doesn't read my blog so I can get away with posting a partial view of it, I hope.

Edited: 22 April at 9:20 pm to add picture of the finished Baggo 2009.

While the Octopus is Away was the 2008 edition of the Baggo..


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Take it off Baby!!! WHHOOO--HOOOO!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist that.... ;)
it is funny how things *make the rounds*. I've had that happen with the bags of stuff you buyat the quilt guild garage sales and gee, I just bought my own STUFF back!
Oh well....Karmic, eh?

DancesWithPitBulls said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I almost peed my pants when you pulled that kit out!!!!!!!!! What should I do for the door prize? Hmmmmm decisions decisions. I have an idea for the aspen blocks. When do I take the paper off LOL! Oh and your bag 'o crap quilt is spectacular!

Leslie said...

You can leave the paper on til all the blocks are sewn together. Then spray lightly with water and then rip it, rip it good. Since the paper pieced fabric edges are not generally cut on the straight of the grain, you get a lot of bias and that's a pain to deal with when sewing one to another.