Monday, April 20, 2009

Tenth Anniversary of Columbine High School Shooting

How did ten years pass already? I so remember that snowy, sad day.

This photo is of the new library at Columbine High School that was built to replace the original one. There was no heart to ever use the old one again.

I remember being grateful to God, that after all, we couldn't afford to live in the district and therefore my daughter wasn't there. I remember the frantic phone call from her father in Texas who had forgotten we didn't live in Littleton anymore. I was grateful for all the phone calls and emails of support from friends and strangers in support of us here in Colorado dealing with the aftermath of that horrible day. Grateful as well, that our Vanessa survive that day by being in the parking lot instead of the library. For the very hard lesson learned to pay better attention to the lost souls. Learning as well the lesson, that I have to make them known to the appropriate people, even if it makes "someone mad at or upset with me".

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