Monday, March 16, 2009

Saint Patrick's Day Parade and the Mail Box Gnome was Good to Me

Saturday was the Marching o' the Green in Denver. This is just some of our Blairs, we were 20 strong for the parade. It has become a regular March event for us and the weather smiled on us this year. Not too cold or hot and certainly no snow.

I came home from the St. Patrick's Day parade and got in the bed and didn't get out until this morning. I am getting to old for this stuff.

That said, I was a kid in the candy shop just now as I got not one but four packages in the mail. Trader Joe's goodies, fiber goodies and I am so grateful to all that sent me something. I guess that the Trader Joe's stitch markers have a new owner.

Some of the goodies from Miz Emily on

My Baby Lini, also from sent me some goodies for my birthday as well, here's just a few of the bits and bobs contained in the graphic designed box with the turquoise ribbon.

Then there was Ginger Roos and a lovely beaded bag of Lavendar from Rebecca aka KnitswithPenguins, also from

The last package contain two Moleskines for me to add my artistic endeavor too. I shall try to do them justice as always


Lutrah's Ocean Alter said...

That is so cool that you all marched in the padre! My DD did the same in Tucson... She said that the hit of the whole show were the "Mashed Potato Queens"!
I have got to find a picture of these gals... My DD was so floored and amazed that she forgot she even had a camera...
Oh congratulations on all the Trader Joe's booty!
BTW what are the stitch markers?
Love , love the triple ginger cookies...have you tried them?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Prezzies in the mail are just the BEST, aren't they??? Kinda perks up the whole day!
Hope you've sufficiently recovered from the parade to enjoy your goodies!

Leslie said...

Prezzies by mail are the bestest. Lutra, the stitch makers are in an earlier post. Will craft for Trader Joes and will craft for Ginger Roos. Yes, I am that geeky.

Leah said...

Happy be-lated b-day to you, my dear!

Snail mail is the best!