Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rejoice and Be Glad of It!

Grace and Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church Trial Update:

The Lord has been Very Good to Us.

It is with gratitude and a thankful heart, that I can report that the announcement came down from the judge in the legal case within our Parish. We are getting our building back! The judge has deemed it to be a property of the Diocese of Colorado and WE are a Parish of the Diocese.

There will likely be an appeal on behalf of the break-away congregation.

For now tho, we can return to the historic building that has long been our home (over 100 years). This building was designed by the same architects that designed our National Cathedral in Washington, DC. I have never actually worshiped in this building as the split happened at Eastertide 2007, before I moved here to the Springs. I so look forward to seeing the inside of this wonderful building at the first opportunity.

It was two years ago, that the congregation of Grace and St. Stephen's Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Colorado had to scramble to find a place of worship for Palm Sunday and the rest of Holy Week. We have been and are very grateful to the Shove Chapel at Colorado College for giving us a home for Holy Week then, as well as in 2008. We are also there for the 2009 Easter Season, that is if we aren't back in the Tejon Street building by then. The timing of our return to Tejon Street will largely depend on how difficult it will be to get back into the building. The Lord watch over all those involved in the transition.

Here's the link to the Colorado Springs Gazette article.

Here is the link to the Colorado Springs television report.

Now, we can get back to the business of worship, good works and the rebuilding of our ministries where we rightfully belong.

My hope going forward is that the split between the two groups of parishioners can be mended and that we can be reconciled with each other with no carry over of the hard feelings and strong emotions this experience has generated.

My other hope is that the members of the Parish who have died during this time of strife, separation and contention can now go to their final resting place in peace, love and tranquility. (We were denied access to the Columbarium during this time as well.)

Thanks and Praise Be to God.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am so happy for you and the rest of your congregation; I cannot imagine what it has been like to go through this but anything that does not kill us (or our faith) makes us STRONGER.
You enjoy!!!!

Leslie said...

I can't get anyone on the phone to talk about it, they are doing Nightwatch across the street to make sure the building isn't cleaned out... Sigh