Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Seven Nations at Scruffy Murphy's

Seven Nations on the seventh day of the seventh month. It was an awesome show! Katte Beth and I and the rest of my friends were treated to one of 7Ns old school shows. They even played Under the Milky Way, which they haven't performed in concert in a very long time. Thanks, guys!

Vic and Will were on top of their game and Crisco kicked it on the drums, and in spite of being tired from the travel, Kirk and Strube sang and played even better than at Gillette.

Trish and Katte Beth

Gary, Jenny and Kristin


Of course, I worked on a sock whilst waiting for the band to start. Knitting in a pub leads to interesting conversations, ask me how I know...


kattejudd said...

SOOOO much fun! They rocked hard last night. Not to mention they were supper sweet to sign pic of them from the show last week in Gillette, and give a little girl one of the last 2 guitar picks that they had. They are her 1st infatuation. The Jonas Brothers don't stand a chance with her. What a great show,. Thanks for going with me.

Diana Troldahl said...

Looks like so much fun!
We get to go see pals of ours this coming Friday (Mustard's Retreat)

Leslie said...

Do they have CDs available? I am always looking for new music.

Margi said...

looks like a blast Leslie!

beautyredefined said...

Ah! You saw 7N in concert! I'd love to see them live.

Now I'm all jealous, but I'm glad you had a good time!