Monday, July 13, 2009

Colorado Irish Festival - Colorado Storm 1 Gaelic Storm 1

I volunteered at the The Colorado Irish Festival in Littleton, CO over the weekend. It was a fun, WET and an entertaining couple of days. These pictures are from Friday night, when the heavens opened up one song into Gaelic Storm's set. The Killian's Pub during the downpour, Gaelic Storm brought a Colorado Storm of epic proportions!

200 of my closest new friends, trying to stay dry and upright. Rain, hail and wind, welcome to Colorado summer weather.

This is Patrick Murphy from Gaelic Storm and me after the storm.

Saturday, the sun came out but the landy was still not dry. Anyway, Screaming McSweenys, McPeake, the Elders, Gaelic Storm and Leahy performed on the big stage. I volunteered as a greeter at the VIP gate after managing the Killian's Bar the night before. We had a great view of the stage to hear and see all the acts that performed.

Crowd waiting for the music to start.
The Elders

Screaming McSweenys

More pictures to come. It was a great weekend of music, old friends, Yvonne, Wendy, Lisa, Linda, Pat McC, the Coffeys, the Holzmans, the Bubinskis, the Bolens, the Shiboas, The Sullivans and Lambuths and the new, hey there, Helen, Trish and Jacque, Connie, Joe, Gary and Kelly.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And how much o' the ale did we consume in proper Irish fashion???

Leslie said...

Didn't, worker bee and all like that there.

Karen said...

Gosh! I didn't think it rained in Denver much! How Irish of it! Fun pictures!

Diana Troldahl said...

Oohhh loads of new groups to play with!

Still looking for the second album from Celtic offspring.

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

One day, I will make it to one of these fabulous Irish Festivals! Thanks for your comments, Leslie. It is always nice to hear from you!

Camilla said...

les, your so funny about the photo description and so far yours has been the most creative!!
I will give you a hint
Nearly every house hold owns one and uses it often.

Kathy said...

Denver looks very green from the photographs--- green as in green, and Green as in Irish!