Monday, July 20, 2009

Elizabeth Celtic Festival

A great time was had by all. The weather held out and it WASN'T 90 plus degrees like last year...

Carol and her children getting ready of a morning.

Curtis Judd, the Chief and two of the Wolves getting their lunch in the Pub.

Darla is gonna beat me with a stick for getting her with her mouth full, but here she is with her husband Mark.

Virg Hunter, our cook

Sam Dieter, one of the Wolves of Dunvagen

Yes, it seems that we do eat often. Bryan Hunt and Jackie Butterworth at lunch. Really, it was the only time I was taking pictures as I had my hands in the wool for most of the weekend.

PJ Roy enjoying the hospitality of the Clan.

Doc Evans and Aiden in the Pub.

Our newest member, from the Shetland Islands and the Royal Marines, Robert Hay.

Travis Butterworth, Michele Nobriga and Shannon Sorensen to lunch as well.

Many, many thanks to Darla, Spinner Extraordinaire, for getting me from here, a natural brown Shetland wool on the bobbin which I had started spinning at the Wyoming Celtic Festival in Gillette.

to here, the brown Shetland plied with a natural cream Shetland that I had spun on Saturday at the Elizabeth Celtic Festival. Pretty excited about my progress in the spinning. On to spinning the fiber for a wedding ring shawl. It needs to be a lace weight two-ply yarn that is gossamer thin. That is my ultimate goal in my spinning.


The two skeins of brown and cream Shetland and the remainder of the cream Shetland Navajo plied. On the wheel now being Navajo plied is a Louet brand merino fiber in the colour of Camouflage. More shall be revealed...

Oh, by the way, I was a Judge for the Bonny Knees Contest, Saturday evening. Raucous, fairly PG rated fun was had by all. The bribes, consisted of money, single malt, kisses, massages, but sadly, there was no chocolate... Here's a picture of my Judge's Ribbon.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This sounds like it was a hoot!!!! All the way around...and a PUB tent too!

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

Hope said...

It looks like you're having so much fun this summer Leslie! I love it! And your new handspun - fantastic. I have some photos you will want to see soon... took some on Sunday of recently spun and plied yarns. :) I'm still getting the hang of Navajo/chain plying.

Leslie said...

Hope, I always have fun of a summer.

I finished Navajo plying the Louet Merino, it is definitely a learning curve. Photos today on Ravelry as soon as I finish taking them..

I started spinning some purple merino last night, it very fine so far... Even the DD is impressed.

sapphireblue said...

Thanks for the yarn!!

Karen said...

This looks like sooooo much fun. Love it--feel like we've all shared in it!

Sherri D said...

Oh! I notice your JUDGES' ribbon is blue! :D

Jan said...

It certainly appears that you are having way more fun than I am this summer! Good for you. wish I could have been there for the live music. My hay is about finished so I should be able to get out and have some fun soon. Haying is kinda fun but it is fun work, not fun fun. If you know what I mean.