Wednesday, May 27, 2009

YAY, a New Market - Sunflower Farmer's Market Opens

Today was this first morning that it wasn't cloudy or threatening to rain in 5 days. Which was all to the good, as I went to stand in line with 300 plus of my neighbors for the opening of the new Sunflower Farmer's Market.

Huzzah, we now have a Sunflower Farmer's Market here. The first 200 people in line this morning got a free bag of groceries. So, I got up with the DD and drove her to work so I could get in line. When we drove by the store at 5:35 am, we saw that there were people in line already waiting for the 7:00 am official open! Though the grand opening is today, the store was actually open yesterday and Erin stopped in on her way home. She did a little comparison of prices with Whole Foods Market, while she walked about. She determined that some are better, some are comparable and some are higher on the things we regularly buy. That is the to be expected in any retail situation, however. It was nice to shop a brand new store, though I didn't spend much time there as it was PACKED, of course. Since I don't do crowds all that well, I wanted to get in and get my free bag of groceries and get out. I will go back after the frenzy dies down and really scope it out.

Erin and I talked about it and we wondered if I would get to be one of the 200 people to get a free bag of groceries. I proceeded to drop Erin off at work and went back to the store. Somehow, I got a parking spot RIGHT in front and my queue number was 107, WOOT.

I had a book and knitting and a quilt to finish binding and a chair. However, but for the knitting, they all stayed in the car. I did stand in line with all the other early risers and briefly worked on the knitted block for Megan's baby afghan. The woman in line behind me also had her knitting, so we compared notes on knitting, Ravelry, LYSs and the libraries.

What I got in the bag of free groceries and also purchased.

Michele from Ravelry (with her knitting, which is a small bag done with Magic Loop).

Again, more to be revealed. It looked good though and I can actually walk to this one if I want to put a good foot under..

7:45 pm - ETA: I forgot to mention that the store staff couldn't have been friendlier or more knowledgeable about where things were (a serious pet peeve of mine, staff not knowing where things are) and they were really good at getting the moil thru the store, the checkout and out the door and one even followed me to the car to help stow the groceries and retrieve my cart (I am sure that is not a regular part of the service, they had already run out of carts). I was in and out of the store and back at the house within 14 minutes of the opening of the doors. None so bad, eh?

Oh and this was the view from the parking lot..


Wicked said...

So, I see my Ginger Snaps. Woohoo.

And funny.. I had looked at that brand of Earl Grey Tea. Of course, I would have gotten some of the English Breakfast, but thats just my personal preference, and Earl Grey is always a welcome tea.

All in all, looks like a good haul. I only see a few things that we'll most likely send to other people.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh to have one of these in Indiana....close to me.

IN MY DREAMS....... <:(

Kathy said...

Having a nice grocery store so close by is such a luxury! Congrats on being lucky number 107!

So great that you met another Raveler, too--- knitting definitely takes the inconvenience out of long lines and long waits! Gotta love it. ;)

Margi said...

Only broke for the weekend! And SUNFLOWERS already! WOOT WOOT! Can't wait for them to start in Mid MI!

DancesWithPitBulls said...

Heyyyyyyyyy I soooooooo wanted to go to the openeing! I was stuck at graduation but at least I showed up like I said I would:| Looks like a great place. I loved their flyer.