Friday, May 15, 2009

Creative Every Day - Nature

Here's a sketch for the current CED project I am working on... It happens to be done as a sketch in someone else's Moleskine. However, it does give me a feel for the subject. I am sure that the owner of the Moleskine will be happy with having a preview sketch.

Ravens are an ongoing fascination with their tricksters selves born from an encounter in a reservation in the 4 Corners area back in 2002. As I was driving through north of Yuba City, I saw a raven harassing a Native American long distance runner. It was trying to pull hair from her pony tail. My fascination continues today with the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birthday this year. I did a postcard challenge earlier this year for Quilt Art about the poem the Raven.

BTW: Anne, this is all your fault. Here's the study for that 12 x 12 canvas we talked about earlier. The right side raven will have a shiny object in it's beak when all is said and done..


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah yes....I am a BAAAAAAAD influence!!! ;)
I love it; looks wonderful!

Kathy said...

Your ravens are a beautiful image.

Such an interesting story of the raven harassing the long distance runner. Do you think the runner thought of her experience with the bird as a spirit encounter or just an annnoying run-in with a tenacious nest-builder?

Leslie said...

Thanks, I appreciate that.

I dunno, but by the gods, he was persistent. She would stop running, shoo him off and set off again and in he would come for another attempt... I still get a laugh about it to this day, obviously.

Ces said...

Oh I am imagining the raven and the runner. I went to Yuba Ciyt 16 years ago and I remember the mountains and the red dusty fields. We have relatives there and maybe it's time for another visit.