Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Collage Mania

I would like to suggest that you all go take a look. Most especially, as I have been the beneficiary of the American Cancer Society's good works.

It's a reverse auction of art work in various medias, but primarily fiber related. I know a lot of the artistes from various art quilt groups I belongs to on-line.

You'll also see some of the Raven Challenge Postcards. I participated in this challenge as well. I blogged about it somewhere in the older posts.

I have been knitting more than anything for the last couple of years. I do keep my hand in quilting with challenges like the Raven card I did with QA and the Slice Quilt and the Baggos I do with the Fiber Pirates. Which reminds me I have to do a quilt for the Coffee Challenge with the Quilt Mavericks. It's due next week.

Here's part of a challenge we did over to the Fiber Pirates, it's my section of a slice quilt. Here's the Raven Challenge Postcard from the Quilt Arts group.


Diana Troldahl said...

Very cool idea!
I am trying to decide which of my patterns will be the 'charity' pattern this year. Last year the "Cloud On Her Shoulders" shawl generated donations to Susan G. Komen, this year I want to contribute to KIVA or someplace like it. I like the idea of recycling loans.

Leslie said...

It is a very kewl idea. I think this is the last year they are going to do it tho, sadly.

I like the idea of recycling loans too.