Thursday, December 4, 2008

Throw Away 50 Things

I was cruising thru a friend's blog this morning and saw that she had signed the pledge to throw 50 things away this month. In an effort to declutter my chaotic homestead, I am taking the pledge. I am a few days late getting started, but I can say that I have thrown 4 things away already and taken a box of books to the trade store. Now to get that bag of clothes off to Goodwill or some such place. This is an early start on those suggestions for New Year's, maybe I'll actually have the habit when the new year gets here to throw instead of stow. More to come...

Well, I am thrilled and excited. I didn't realize that my peeps were actually going to my blog, reading it and commenting on it as well! Thank you all, it's so kewl that you care enough to look and to comment. I shall persevere on you all's behalf.

It's cold, snowy and yucky out, but I must go to the PO and send off my Ravelry Moleskine Round Robin and a Mail from Home Shower of Cards card for a friend's son who's missing his family and home whilst stationed in Ramadi.


talumirage said...

I need to declutter too- seriously! Since moving back from uni, my room has become unliveable! I sleep in it but that's about it! Ugh, and there are weird tiny bugs in it- I keep having them crawl on me. GROSS!

HookerGirl out! ;)

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I didn't tke the 50 item pledge but I certainly met my quota yesterday!
It's actually beginning to be obvious that I am decluttering.
One of these days I'll be able to blog more areas of my studio!