Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Throw Away 50 Things - Redux

In an effort to continue on my quest to throw away at least fifty things this month. Here's a list of what has gone:
1. Useless Coffee Maker (got's me a French press, way better coffee)
2. Cat Scratch Post cat doesn't use (likes one of my wicker baskets much better)
3. 6" thick stack of papers after sorting
4. Plastic canister pretzels came in I thought I would do something with
5. 2 Yellow Pages books we never even opened as we Ask Dex
6. Another bag of clothes to the charity shop (2 skirts, five shirts, fleece jacket)
7. Another bag of books to the trade shop (30 or so)
8. Bag o' Yarn to charity knitters

1 comment:

Roberta Mann said...

Brava, my Dear and Merry Christmas!

I think most of what you got rid of somehow materialized in my cabinets and cupboards. I feel my own purge coming on again.

Lots of Love