Sunday, December 28, 2008

Throw Away 50 Things - Redux, Part Deux

So about today.

One would think I had done nothing at all, as I sat on the couch knitting on a sock and watching DVDs for most of the day. We finished up Alias, Season 1, watched MI-3, Elizabeth 2, now we're onto Battlestar Galactica, Season 1. I did read the Sunday paper and do 2 crosswords as well. The paper basket was full so out it went (item 1).

I did, however, get off my duff and made yam/acorn squash waffles with pecans to our breakfast. You can find the recipe for these in the Joy of Cooking. Including canned pumpkin, any squash, but for spaghetti works just great for these waffles. I also amended the recipe to use 3/4 to 1 cup of squash. I have also added 1 tsp. real vanilla and 1/2 cup of pecans pieces to the basic recipe (finely chopped candied ginger makes a great addition as well). These waffles are a staple in our house.

I also threw away a coffee mug that had a chipping design (2nd item), sorted out more clothes (3rd thru 10th items) for the charity shop and decided to get rid of even more books (11th thru 17th items today) to the 1/2 price store.

Books are my greatest pleasure and my greatest source of pain. I love to read and collect them but I hate to move them and I never have enough shelf space for them either... I really cannot see tho how a real book can ever be replaced by an e-book? Never mind, I can't find the right prescription for my glasses to read them from a screen.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Good for you with the pitching. When you get done, wanna come to MY house???? :)
I'm still in pitching mode too. Note: That was *pitching* spelled with a P and not the usual B.....

DXOX said...

Good day Ms. Dowager.
I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. 5o things in a month. WOW! Good job. Do you do this every month?
We do have so much fun on Raverly's IME. We chicklets know how to cluck.
I am with you on e-books. I need the book in my hands. So have you seen the group on Raverly, read 52 books in 52 weeks. I signed on. Check it out.
Bacon in Chocolate is criminal. But that jerky bag is tempting to try. It might be the only way to get my man to carry one. He can chew as he goes. lol:) XOX

Anonymous said...

Superior idea!

Diana Troldahl said...

I used to have loads of books. Now that I've cut them down becasue of space considerations, I use to keep them coming in (and out)
I'm thinking of making pumkpin bread tomorrow, your pancakes sound luscious though.

Leslie said...

I just made Banana Nut Bread for later today. My daughter won't eat it, but my friends fight over it..

SleepyEyes said...

I love this idea! It's always so freeing to throw things away. It's sometimes difficult to do it initially, but then...whew....wonderful afterwards ; )

Have you signed up for If you love your books like I do, you's very's almost like Ravelry for book readers. I'm SleepyEyes on it, if you end up joining. : )