Friday, June 12, 2009

Why is There a Bicycle in the Bathroom?

Friday, sigh!
We are up to our asses in plants and patio chairs in the house and there's a bicycle in my bathtub. They are suppose to be power washing and painting the house today. It's 1:51 pm and they haven't even started up as of yet. Do we get taped inside while they work or do we go find something to do that doesn't cost a ton of money? the stair landing is covered in pots of plants. This is the only way up the stairs. Pan's napping spot is at the top of the landing. Pan has chive breathe from raiding my kitchen garden pots as he goes back and forth...

Here's one of the tomato plants and the chives. I am also sitting on some lilies that will go into the church garden when it is decided where the Return to Grace bed will be.

I have though, made great progress on the tee-shirt sweater, I am knitting from a Bernat Yarns pattern. I am knitting it from a variegated ribbon yarn I found for a dollar a skein. I am getting the same gauge, even though I am using a different yarn than the pattern calls for. This is what progress I have so far.I have used a skein and a 1/3 for about 10 inches. I did make one adjustment. I ground off the pointy tips to the bamboo needles to make them less pokey. Works so much better now, I can just "clicket" away without much attention.

I had to put down the Fawkes Socks as I need to frog the heel flap, as I am not liking the directions I was given and want to do my own heel.


Margi said...

I certainly hope they got done power washing! What a pain hey. Love the yarn for the sweater, can't wait to see it finished.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Don't ya just love those dollar a skein bargains? I have picked up so many in the past---usually adding them to some common yarn and making scarves. Lots of fun!
As to the with any contractors, GOOD LUCK! (from a woman who needs plumbers to totally redo the supm pump plumbling that is blowing water everywhere........)

sapphireblue said...

What a great title for this posting! It's a real attention grabber.

I hope you get the work completed at your house soon or you will have to shower with that bycicle.

Your new project has some very nice colors. Love it!

I would like to make socks, but haven't tried to yet. As soon as I am done with my sweater, I'm going to try it.