Monday, June 29, 2009

Randomness from the Wyoming Celtic Festival

The Wyoming Celtic Festival
Seven Nations

Some of the Music, Seven Nations, Gobs O'Phun as well as Jenny and Tim Sullivan (Gobs O'Phun)

Ren Scots in various activities. Mark Reihm and Will from the Wyoming Pipe and Drum Band in the Pub entertaining us at lunch. Ren Scots lining up for the Opening Ceremony. The Chief, the Seneschal and the Wolves Fight Directors taking a meeting. The Ren Scots

Katte Judd and Jenny at the Ceidhl.

The girls at the Ceidhl.
Episcopal Church in Douglas, WY

Just a quickie to share some of the wonderful weekend up in Gillette. The musical line up this festival was one of the best I have experienced in a lang (long) while. The Muses (Traditional) played on Saturday and then Prickly Pair (Cowboy Celtic) played on Sunday along with Seven Nations and Gobs O'Phun on both days.

Me setting up to card some wool into a batt to spin it up. I relearned to spin over the weekend. More shall be revealed.


Kathy said...

The festival looks to have been an amazing experience. Makes me wish I had a strong cultural heritage to celebrate. ;)
My favorite picture is the last one of you. You look beautiful and contented in your lovely gown and wool in your hands.

Frewen said...

Oooh - love handspun - do you have a guild of spinnerw weavers and dyers your way?

Diana Troldahl said...

Mmmmmmm... Kilts!!!!
Looks like a really good time. We have a Celtic Festival near here, In Salina Michigan.
Wonder if I've missed it?
Great photos, great post!

Diana Troldahl said...

Umm SALINE, Michigan. doh*

sapphireblue said...

Oh wow! That looks like so much fun, and your garb is amazing!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the comments on my garb. Truth to tell, I am far more comfortable in it, than in Muggle clothes..

Leslie said...


We are our own Spinner/Weavers Guild with in the Renaissance Scot Living History Association, but there is one here locally in the Springs as well. My friend, Darla has been spinning for 18 years. She is my "go to girl" for fiber related questions. Her picture is in the next post about Gillette..

Mel said...

Love your outfit! It all looks like so much fun. We have plenty of Celts and kilts down here. I'll have to seek out a festival.

Hope said...

I love the photo of you at the wheel carding. Lovely garb - I'm assuming you sewed it yourself?

Leslie said...

Yes, I did sew it myself. I also embroidered and appliqued the stomacher (front panel). You can't see them very well but I also knitted the lace under cuffs... Actually, I made everything but the hat, as I even had period small clothes on under...