Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gardening and Ravelry in El Paso County

Or how I spent my Saturday.

Today being the first Saturday of the month was also the regularly scheduled meeting of the El Paso County Crafters from We try to all get together on this first Saturday to learn from each other, share what is going on in our lives, show off what we are working on and listen to each other's problems. i.e. Stitch and Bitch!

Here's a picture of Sheila and me (in the hat).

Sheila has just got me started on the Knit One Below stitch which has been driving me buggy along with the Shawl from Hell. Sheila was working on a lovely ripple stitch afghan.

Here is a picture of the Knit One Below. It creates columns as you stitch. It's a kinda kewl technique. I am knitting this swatch from Noro Blossom and Encore Worsted in a mauve colour. I believe that it will be a sketchbook cover when it is finished. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sheila. It all now makes sense.

Here's a picture of Jean and her sister in law, Suzanne.

Suzanne was working on a latch hook rug and Jean was knitting a washcloth.

Here's Sheila and Wendie. Wendie was working on a few things. A hat, I know for certain.

We did miss our Rebecca, who's away in the Flatlands (Illinois) awaiting the arrival of her grandbaby, and Anita, who is finishing up her children's game season and Wendie's Mum. eta: I totally forgot our Mel, another waiting on a baby to come.

Photo of lupins in the garden.

In the morning, I worked in the Grace and Saint Stephen's Episcopal Parish church garden and communed with the plants, sunshine, observed the many faces of Pike's Peak as the hours rolled by and said hello to the church's neighborhood dogs who were watered in the St. Francis fountain. What a joy to see so much activity occurring on our corner here in downtown Colorado Springs. There was also a student piano recital in the Nave and a quarterly Altar Guild meeting in the Taft Hall as well.

Stacey in the garden looking over her patch.

Some of the neighborhood dogs enjoying the St. Francis Fountain. The fountain had been inoperable since before we got the building returned to us, but was repaired and put back in service this week. Thanks Be!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Great seeing the photos of your church grounds---and so happy for you that you and the congregation are back!

DancesWithPitBulls said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Hopefully I will be around for the next one and it doesn't snow:|

Nicola said...

In the hat. Of course in the hat.

Nice to see you!


mel said...

I wish I could attend El Paso Country Crafters and wear my cowboy hat:) It looks like so much fun!

Leslie said...

Like me, wear it anytime anywhere!

That said, if you ever get to El Paso County you are more than welcome to come play with us.

Garden skittles said...


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Leslie said...

Garden Skittles, I have no clue what you were trying to say about the garden. These are general observations, only. I am no expert by any means.

However, I do believe you want to sell me games for the lawn which I think are not appropriate for the church memorial garden, non?