Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Sunset Tree

This was the Sunset Tree. It was located near the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria, Virginia. It was broken by the last round of severe storms that hit the D.C Metro area. Many a happy memory were gathered under this tree. My first proposal of marriage from Mark was under this tree. I was 17, maybe. I had the great, good sense at that time to just say no. I wasn't prepared to marry anyone at that age. Fast forward to 1995 (I think), Mark asked me to marry him again, for the 3rd time and I finally said yes. He took me to the tree afterwards as we were on our way to a Labor Day Concert at the church. It was a fitting circle. Sadly, Mark passed away before we could marry and it's been that long since I actually sat beneath the tree. A friend of a friend has retrieved a limb from the tree to send pieces to myself, Earl and Rocky (and Katy, if she wants a piece) as remembrances of a special tree at a special place for us all.

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Nic said...

Even great trees come to their rest in the end. What a poignant memory for you. Glad you have a momento.