Saturday, April 21, 2012

This is a test, it is only a test.

Well, I am not so sure I like the changes to Blogger, this is a test post to make sure I can manage to do a post and have it come out right.
I spent the day at this zoo in celebration of Earth Day. I was helping Fred and Shelley Guana and their daughter Faith with the Fry Bread and Taco stand. It was a lovely warm day with singers (one of whom was amazingly awful) and dancers and such. I got to pet an armadillo and see a Waterbuck (an African Savanna dweller who prefers to be belly deep in a stream) for the first time, I was also up close and personal with a cranky raven named Raj(sp?). Quote he "Caw".


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

For the record--I hate the new changes to blogger.
It takes me twice as long to do a post, especially with photos or any amount of text.
Plus I can't SEE the danged dashboard worth a hoot.
I vote for the Cranky Raven.


Leslie said...

You, me and Kay Soeper have the same complaints. Oh well.

Nic said...

Sounds like that singer did her own bit of 'Caw'....

Her 'caw'ntribution' so to speak!

tandemsandy said...

I too am finding the changes challenging, but love reading about all your adventures